World War Restoration is about locating Military vehicles and parts and restoring them to there original condition for private collectors or Museum display

World War Restoration will be about restoring military vehicles to their original condition they all had a service life expectancy during wartime. As time has been moving on we have been losing our veterans due to age. Their uniforms dairies and vehicles and other personal items need to be restored and maintained as a reminder of their sacrifice. These boys and girls who became men and women overnight never got to enjoy their youth as we have. These need to be maintained as a reminder of what they went through also we need to remember the past so we do not repeat this again in the future, we have had World War 1 and World War 2 with a great loss of life both Civilians and Military personal who are now in God’s care.

World War Restoration will not be limited to just Military vehicles as we want to keep all types of vehicles and machinery operating or for displays..